Shrewd Wife Of Lin Brothers

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latest:Chapter 772: Starting a new journey ——2



Shrewd Wife Of Lin Brothers summary: I got cheated on cheh ~ don't worry I have five men who dote on me .A stoic man who couldn't string two sentences ? I will make him rap watch me .A hot and cold tsundere who has a venomous tongue for opposite gender ? I will make him pour honey from his mouth .A stupid and childish man ? see how he flirts like a womanizer with me .A gentle scholar , cough he ain't gentle with me on bedA shy introvert ?see him become a wolf in sheep's clothing .Su Wan - a thirty years old divorced woman who was cheated on by her husband and step sister , spends a night drinking alcohol all the while watching how her ex husband and step sister makes a joke of themselves .' ahhh !You b.a.s.t.a.r.d ! You slag man you think this old lady won't have a man anymore ???Not only this great aunty will have a man ! I will have five men ! One to sleep ! two to roll and three to pamper !! 'Amidst her alcohol intake she out only to find her self transmigrated over to a small village in ancient China and that too on her wedding daywith The five Lin brothers !

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