The Evil Imperial Monarch

class:webnovels 纯情犀利哥

latest:Part 16



The Evil Imperial Monarch summary: A man from modern with wavy remains is possessing a notorious street mouse and sc.u.m, and what is even more tragic is that the sc.u.m also intends to commit misdeeds against the b.u.t.terfly of the Qing Dynasty. What will happen to him, who is hated by the world, after changing his soul? Once again in the face of him, the extremely disgusted of proud Lin Shixin and Ji Die, after the gorgeous metamorphosis, how does he make them feel? Let’s see how Ye Chu steps out of shocking footprints on a road full of thorns! Stir the wind and clouds, evil control Monarch! In a strange way, to create a very different fantasy world, bring everyone different feelings.

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