Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden

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latest:Vol 7 Chapter 2


Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden summary: Acknowledge moving to Eden magical sealing process, please connect the Sophia code” a girl was asked to put the barrier, and on her cheek there were tears sliding down.“Sh.e.l.ltis..will we be able to meet again?” A world where humans are ruled by an existence called Yuugenshu. And only by The Priestess’s prayer, the floating continent “Obia Craire” was the only place where humans can live.Yumi, the barrier priestess, was waiting for a boy that will protect her, her childhood friend Sh.e.l.ltis. As a heretic, he was expelled from the continent but before he was expelled he promised Yumi that he’ll definitely come back to her side.A girl who is personified by understanding the world and a boy who is rejected by it. A story of two conflicting feeling, and a multi-layered world fantasy.

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