Hard to Escape

class:webnovels 红枣

latest:Chapter 40


Hard to Escape summary: raltzero’s MTL version of the summary:Waking up after a car accident, the first thing I saw was Yin Li’s handsome threatening face.It made me somewhat embarra.s.sed.But in the end I had to be ruthlessly heartless, cursing while pointing at his shapely nose:“It looks like you’re the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who hit me!”He blankly stared, and then coldly said:“I’m your fiancé, Yan Xiao, you have amnesia.”Then I had to persuade Yin Li, I was a wretched toad and wasn’t good enough for him.He sneered, “Even if you grew wings to become a swan, you still wouldn’t be able to escape your birthright. Not to mention that you’re just a toad.”This is definitely not the general amnesia plot that you have in your mind! You definitely won’t be able to guess it~

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